Well Architected Monoliths are Okay

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DevOps Days London was great this year! The talks were interesting and the culture was inclusive and friendly.

I’ve always thought that we should build the ‘correct size service’ rather than ‘microservices’ just for the sake of having them. It is equivalent to using Kubernetes with one docker container - you would have more etcd nodes…

In this blog post I would like to share one of the outcomes of a DevOps days open space discussion (suggested by Chris Mills) on what is / why good monoliths are okay to start with.

So why are well architected and developed monoliths okay:

So what does a good monolith look like:

Revised Architecture

Once the application is proven, then it would be a good opportunity to start decomposing if required:

What are well architected monoliths?

Participant in the discussion concluded they are a good step for bad monoliths to evolve to before splitting to microservices. This is because the monolith has been battle tested.

~ Robert



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